Extra Virgin Olive Oil   

Simunovich Olive Estate award winning olive oils are made from carefully chosen fruit varieties, blended to achieve a pleasant tasting, high-quality product acclaimed by chefs throughout the country. All our olive oils are made from 100% pure concentrate, entirely grown and pressed on the Estate. They are available now in various sizes in our online store!

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When establishing the Estate, we chose to produce delicate oils that are pleasant on the palate and easily swallowed. Our oils are ‘drinkable’ oils and this makes them popular throughout New Zealand.
Simunovich Olive Estate extra virgin olive oil is classed as ‘delicate’ to ‘medium’ tasting, well balanced with crisp, fresh and fruity, grassy and green apple notes on the tongue, almond notes on the throat and a slight peppery after taste. It has a clean yellow colour with an acidity level of 0.13% and a peroxide value of 4.8.



Olive varieties on the Estate include Leccino and Frantoio from Tuscany, Carolea from Southern Italy, Picual, Kalamata and Koroneiki from Greece, along with the J5 and J2 traditional New Zealand varieties grown in New Zealand for more than 180 years.



When you purchase any product from the Simunovich Olive Estate, we also use our finest oils for our extensive range of skin care products, you can be confident that you are getting a product of the highest standard, recommended and acclaimed throughout the world, and made with pride on our Estate in New Zealand.